Absolute Super Reels

Absolute Super Reels Slots Review

Absolute Super Reels is a slot game that is all about colour. Bright, vibrant colours are the first thing that players will notice upon loading the game up. A purple background fills in the areas behind the reels, and an animated logo at the top adorned with lightning continually lights up as the game carries on. All the buttons and symbols are just as bright, and players will never have to try and search for anything. Absolute Super Reels is a slot that seems like it was pulled out of a 1980’s rock concert, and even the typing format the slot uses is over the top.

Absolute Super Reels Gameplay

Regarding the game itself, Absolute Super Reels is fairly standard in most regards. Despite this, there are some bonus features that have been added to the game that make it more exciting to play than the average slot. One of the biggest additions to Absolute Super Reels is the fact that the game has more than one set of reels. While this may be confusing at first, it will not take players long to adjust to the mechanic, as it quick to learn and understand. The main set of reels, which is comprised of three reels and found to the left, is the standard reel set that players will use most of the time. This is where the symbols of the game can be found.

Absolute Super Reels Bonus Reels

While the three reels to the left are always active, the next two are only triggered when the player makes a high enough bet per spin. The more that is bet, with ten per line being the minimum, the higher the chance of another reel starting up. This means that while the player will be betting more for every round of online slots in Canada, it also increases the chances of earning winnings. The bonus reels, however, do not play like the standard reels, as they do not contain symbols. Instead, they have special bonuses that are activated should the player land that bonus during a spin. The fourth reel, for example, rewards the player with instant cash prizes, up to 1000 coins at a time. The fifth wheel, on the other hand, comes with set multipliers that are added to the total stake for that round.

Absolute Super Reels Bonus Content

While the extra wheels technically act as the bonus features of Absolute Super Reels, there are some bonuses that can be earned from the wheels that count as separate bonus features. A respin bonus, for example, can be landed on the fifth wheel, and will give the player 5 free spins that are automatically activated once the respin bonus has been triggered. This can be triggered multiple times, meaning players have the chance of earning many free spins in a row during one round. Lastly, Absolute Super Reels comes with a progressive jackpot that, if won, can award the player with up to 1000 bonus coins.

Absolute Super Reels Conclusion

This is a fast paced slot that has a unique reel system that many players will find appealing. However, it may be confusing to use at first, and there are no other bonus games along with the extra reels.